</script><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> c = 6; for (i=1;i<c;i++) {setTimeout("history.go(0);", 500); } </SCRIPT> <center><font color=ff6666> WEBTV BUG ALERT - PLEASE RELOAD</font> </center>

                Hi, Folks!! I have made these borders from graphics that I've found around the web. I hope you can use some of them for your own pages, but PLEASE transload to your own site.

                I will provide you with a code to CC&P for their use, and each page will have the background color at the top. I have displayed them in such a way that you can actually see what they will look like on a page, rather than just a small strip.

                Just click on the little jewelled button underneath each border to get the URL, and transload it. Then go to the Menu, and in the upper right hand corner you will see the word "CODE". Click on that and CC&P the code.

                On the menu-1 you will find wildlife of all sorts, and on the menu-2 you will find dogs, domestic cats, and flowers will be coming soon.

                Enjoy browsing, and please return, as I will always be adding to them as I find more beautiful animals to add to my "jungle".

                Extra added attraction!!! If you find a graphic that you would like to use for a border, e-mail me at border-orders@webtv.net, and I'll make it for you. (Especially if you sign my guestbook. LOL)

                NEWSFLASH!! I just added 9 pages of borders for e-mail, with a code for your sigbox. Check them out!!

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